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Toggo Ultrarock's life is like a bizarre reality show – only if you saw his life on TV, you would think it was all made up. It all started when he was a kid…

“Toggo’s obscene musical performance today leaves me no choice – we have to let him go. I warned him, but he wouldn’t listen.”

These were the parting words of Toggo's deeply religious teacher as she expelled him from Musical Kindergarten at the tender age of 4. But the only thing on young Toggo's mind as he walked out with a huge smile on his face was the massive audience response he had received for his performance.

Toggo gets his first guitar lesson from his dad

Ever since then he's been consumed by his passion to entertain and move people with his music.

At 19, Toggo moved to Hollywood, CA to hone his musical skills by attending Guitar Institute Of Technology. While there, he was fortunate enough to get to study with rock virtuosos Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big) and Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), which made a huge impact on his playing.

By the time school was over, Toggo had fallen in love with LA, its people and way of life, and decided to make the City Of Angels his permanent home. He threw himself head first into the local Hollywood music scene; recording, performing, producing and writing, growing his rock'n roll shoes several sizes in the process.

His hard work paid off. Within a few years, Toggo turned the local Hollywood scene upside down with his flashy, larger-than-life alt rock band "Scared Of Girls". From their colorful looks, high-octane concerts and celebrity guest performances, to a PR-machine that set a whole new standard for bands in Hollywood, Scared Of Girls was a force to be reckoned with.

Scared Of Girls

Hungry for success, and with a fresh album (Sonic Boom) and financial backing in place, the boys inundated Hollywood with promotion. 10 000 of their glossy colorful post cards were handed out for every show, while virtually every telephone pole in Hollywood had a Scared Of Girls poster stapled on to it.

At one point, their postering efforts caught up with the Laurel Canyon Association, who along with the Hollywood Police Department gave them the choice between paying thousands of dollars in fines, being arrested, or removing the posters immediately (there was a LOT of posters up!). Let's just say that the boys didn't get a lot of sleep that night.

Scared Of Girls with Toggo's friend Angelyne - Hollywoods Billboard Queen

In other words, it was hard to be in Hollywood without noticing Scared Of Girls. This would not go unrewarded.

Toggo and good friend Rayko of Dig Jelly in usual style, after a
Scared Of Girls show at The Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip.

Los Angeles' most influential music industry publication, Music Connection Magazine gave the band glowing reviews. They announced Toggo's group as "One of the hottest bands in LA", and featured an article with Toggo and crooner legend Tony Bennett giving advice to musicians on how to get rid of stage fright.


 This "rockumentary" about Scared Of Girls, produced for Japanese teen-show "Beit", was not the boys'
proudest moment. The result is cheesy at best, with the low point being the band reluctantly agreeing
to getting "scared" by a girl on the street, to signify the band name - in the unhippest way imaginable.
Oh well - the teens in Japan seemed to love it, as the show as repeatedly aired on Japanese ESPN2:

From his devoted fans to prestigious music authorities like (who describes Toggo's music as "Expertly crafted rock that runneth over with enthusiasm and good vibes"), and producers like Kim Fowley (Kiss, Runaways), there was no doubt - Toggo and Scared Of Girls were going to be the next big thing.

Scared Of Girls headlines The Las Vegas AVN Awards to a crowd of porn stars, celebrities
and rock stars, including the infamous Rick James, and Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmeister.

But fate had other plans. At the brink of national attention, an almost unimaginable chain of events led Toggo to lose almost everything he held dear - his band, house in Studio City, car, money, bank account, and a name he had made for himself from years of hard work - all gone. The only thing left when the smoke cleared was his guitars, master tapes and a large case of incurable optimism.

Toggo's popular avatar

The surreal and traumatic experience pushed Toggo right to the brink of a complete breakdown. But instead of submitting to his fate, he took a 180 degree turn, relocating to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he slowly started working himself back in the game by performing weekly casino shows with infamous gangster Al Capone's grandson, drummer Jeep Capone.

Jeep Capone (left) and grandpa Al Capone (right.)

To process what had happened to him, while sharing an incredible story with the world, Toggo decided to chronicle the events - he started writing a book. In addition to being a testament to how far you can get in life by following your dreams, Rock'n Roll Virus takes its readers on a mental, physical and spiritual thriller-esque rollercoaster with a storyline so surreal and unthinkable that many a reader will find the story too far fetched to be believed. For those who do believe, chances are it will leave them wholly convinced that Toggo has lost his mind.



In 2009, upon requests from a few hardcore fans, Toggo made his song Head Over Heels available as a free ringtone download on – one of the world's largest online stores for music ringtones. Since he hadn't yet launched his solo career, he had no aspirations with this move beyond making a few fans happy. However, the song started receiving large numbers of downloads, and within weeks, Head Over Heels was the #3 most downloaded song on their rock charts, as well as being Featured by, generating over
11 000 ringtone downloads in just one month.

To monetize this large surge of downloads, Toggo changed the ringtone from free to paid status, not knowing that he couldn't stay on's top 100 rock chart with a paid ringtone - so it was removed off the charts by default. However, the experience served as a powerful reminder of the massive potential and viability of the song.

In late 2010 Toggo released the music video for his song Monday Morning, which to date has over 40 000 views, as well as a growing cult following on facebook, where it's posted by droves of people's walls every week, especially on Monday mornings.

In May of 2011, the same video was submitted to a music competition called Big Big Show. After almost 6 months of competing, Monday Morning took first place, and the $10 000 grand price by a land slide, in November of 2011.

From his melodic sing-along hooks and choruses to his hang-on-to-your-seat stage persona and colorful looks, Toggo Ultrarock delivers a refreshing punch to ones musical senses that is rare to find today. And he is crystal clear about his goal: To leave the world irrecoverably inspired by his music and persona.

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